Hotchpotch Organics
Vegetables n Salads

At Hotchpotch we grow a wide variety of veg, cropping from May to Christmas; a mix of traditional English favourites with tasty newcomers to our shores. Starting with young peas, beans, spinach and spring greens, our range expands as the season goes on.

We harvest  successionally sown broccoli, leafy greens, herbs and salads throughout the season. Succulent pak choi and other Asian greens get more popular every year. This is not a full list.

Freshly lifted carrots and beetroot appear in July, as do courgettes. Summer heightens, runner beans and sweetcorn take their turn and main crop onions are lifted for store; with autumn a range of colourful, versatile and nutritious squashes from the Americas; as winter comes in sweet parsnips, brussel sprouts and hardy leeks are in their prime.

All of our crops are grown from seed with fertility from grazed clover, irrigation from the sky, a lot of manual labour, a fair bit of head scratching and a minimum of fossil fuels – that’s all. We pick when they’re at their peak, at the last possible moment – so they reach your kitchen in the best condition. Almost as good as growing your own but without the effort!