Hotchpotch Organics
Homegrown Seasonal Flowers

Blooms are available seasonally from July to October at the moment. These include traditional cottage garden favourites such as Sweet Williams,  Larkspur, Nigella, Snapdragons, Cosmos and Sweet Peas.  We are expanding our range and trialing less well known varieties and new introductions.

Eco friendly Christmas wreaths are freshly made to order and available at Stroud Farmers Market in December.

Contact us if you would like to source locally grown flowers for any event. Please telephone or email to discuss your requirements and availability.


Our cutting area has developed as a direct response to customers actively seeking a greener alternative to mass produced global imports.  Raising awareness of the ecological impact of the flower industry is important to us as we are passionate that blooms that can be grown in the UK, should be.

Organically grown flowers takes that one step further in that the methods used positively enhance the environment by actively encouraging biodiversity.